Less Impact House

The LESS impact HOUSETM is an example of what is possible for anyone considering a major remodel or constructing a new home. Here you will find a Green Build focus which is also an Eco Friendly home. We learned [sometimes the hard way] many lessons about the unexpected challenges of making eco-conscious choices, about introducing neighbors, trades, and suppliers to green building, as well as experiencing the realities of what less impact design does to budgets and schedules.

What started as a remodel and addition to a 70's ranch home in the Sonoran desert became one of the greenest sustainable homes in America. We want to share our experiences, our strategies, and our results; so welcome, come on in to the LESS impact HOUSETM.

Less Impact
Green Strategies: eco-friendly building strategies to minimize impact on the Green Strategiesenvironment.

Project Tour
Get an photo tour of the LESS impact House project. Review our eco-friendly choices in building and products.Project Tour